About Mvideoslots.com | Values, Founder & Contact

About Mvideoslots.com, Values, Founder and Contact

Here’s some highlights on Mvideoslots.com and what it’s all about, the core values or what it stands for, as well as a little bit about myself. Are you a player and want some help with casinos? Or a casino rep looking for a long-term partnership? Then reach out to me personally.

What is Mvideoslots.com?

It’s an online gaming blog for beginners and daily players, which helps you get more bang for your buck.

Launched in the mid of the mobile revolution, it celebrates the fact that you can now have a better mobile gaming experience than ever before.

As the line between desktop and mobile gaming is disappearing, there’s even more noise and information overload.

That’s why “just” is not an option.

4 Main Principles or What’s in it For You

  1. Quality before quantity. There’s enough mediocre content out there. That’s why hours of research and editing goes into each post before it’s published.
  2. Integrity is everything. I only recommend casinos and games that I truly believe in or have been field-tested.
  3. Content for beginners and seasoned players. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, the casino and slot reviews are written with you in mind.
  4. Make you smarter. The casino and slot reviews cut the crap and present you the most important from a player’s perspective. The detailed bonus terms are laid out before you, so you can make smart choices.

So who’s behind all this?

My Story in 1 Minute

I’m the founder of Mvideoslots.com.

I’ve been involved in iGaming full time since 2010, when I did my BA degree in Leicester, UK. That’s years of daily research, playing slots and building competence amid some of industry’s most passionate people.

Driven by personal growth, in 2015 I committed to helping players who are struggling to see positive change in the community directly.

I’m devoted to being your companion in iGaming as a whole and you can always rely on me for help.

Get in Touch for Feedback or Questions

See that “contact me” badge on the right?

Use it to get in touch or leave feedback as I’m here for you.

You can also send a message to webmaster [at] mvideoslots com. I usually reply within a day.

Want to feel especially comfortable? Subscribe to my newsletter below and get carefully picked iGaming wisdom once or twice a week. I’ll never spam you, promise.

Finally, if you like what I do then share it with your buddies and follow Mvideoslots.com on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

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Alexandre Tomic, Co-founder at SlotsMillion.com

When it comes to reviews, Nikita is one of the cleverest and most hardworking people in the business, with an honest and clear eye for what's great about casinos.
— Alexandre Tomic, Co-founder at SlotsMillion.com